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Dynamics CRM

The business value of CRM and ERP systems is undeniable, but organizations have been challenged by lengthy and costly implementations, inflexible software, and poor user adoption – many business leaders wonder if it’s really worth the trouble and expense. As part of Microsoft’s Software-plus-Services strategy, Microsoft Dynamics can help solve these challenges with powerful, flexible, easy-to-use software delivered either through the cloud or on-premise to help organizations quickly and economically get the benefits of sophisticated business intelligence.

Microsoft Dynamics Online combines a cloud-based backend with familiar productivity software on the client to create a powerful, scalable system where professionals can access customer information through a full suite of marketing, sales and customer service capabilities directly from Outlook. On-premise and partner hosting options are also possible, giving businesses the power to pick a deployment model that fits their organization. This combination of Software-plus-Services helps organizations by giving workers the information they need and arming them with the tools to make meaningful change in their business.

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